Friday, 11 May 2018

Binary... I like these sorts of captures. Are you seeing them too?

This capture is off my primary blog that can have around 40 Views a minute on it. It's pretty special when you see one of these  :)

As a starting point for number sequence meanings, I refer to the Angel Numbers blog by Joanne Walmsley.

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

The 45th President of the USA is shoo-ing out all the White Rabbits

88 - This is the first Synchronistic Number seen on this blog!

This feels auspicious... Let's look at the meaning...

Here's the Angel Numbers meaning for "8"
Here's the Angel Numbers meaning for "88" 

In the 88 I see the infinity symbol...  It never ends.

Other meanings for 88 include:
  • The atomic number of the element radium  >  Interesting... "in nature, radium is found in uranium#UraniumOne scandal  >  Information on Wikipedia
  • The number of constellations in the sky as defined by the International Astronomical Union.  In the cryptology of things, might 88 also refer to the Secret Space Program (SSP).  See Jordan Sather on this topic.
  • The New General Catalogue object NGC 88, a spiral galaxy in the constellation Phoenix  > Is this "spiral galaxy" something to do with the SSP? It's interesting that one of Jordan's logos is the phoenix. He uses it on his "Destroying the Illusion" Facebook group, as the group banner.
  • Space Shuttle Mission 88 (STS-88), launched and completed in December, 1998, began the construction of the International Space Station >  How much does STS-88 and the construction of the ISS have to do with the SSP?
  • Approximately the number of days it takes Mercury to complete its orbit  > What secrets are held in Mercury? Fast Mercury would know if our Sun is a portal into other dimensional systems or to other far-away places in our infinite universe...
  • In amateur radio, 88 is used as shorthand for "love and kisses"
  • Neo-Nazis use the number 88 as an abbreviation for the Nazi salute Heil Hitler.[8] The letter H is eighth in the alphabet, whereby 88 becomes HH.[9]  
  • the number of keys on a typical piano (36 black and 52 white); a piano is sometimes called an "eighty eight"  
  • the designation of two freeways named Interstate 88, one in Illinois and another in New York > This might be another hint for us as we continue to track #WhiteRabbit connections. What's happening in Illinois in relation to the November 2017 sealed indictments?  Are these Illinois people a major connection in some way to the global pedophile rings? 
  • in Japanese, often used to mean "a great many" or "countless" or infinite numbers. 
  • in hip hop, where "88" stands for "HH", short for "hip hop" 
  • in the Back to the Future film trilogy, 88 is the speed (in miles per hour) that the DeLorean automobile must attain in order to travel in time  > Interesting...
  • The dead man's hand in poker is a pair of aces and a pair of 8s.

This entry is very interesting... Again, from Wikipedia
In Chinese culture
Further information: Numbers in Chinese culture 
Number 88 symbolizes fortune and good luck in Chinese culture, since the word 8 sounds similar to the word fā(发, which implies 发财, or wealth, in Mandarin or Cantonese). The number 8 is considered to be the luckiest number in Chinese culture, and prices in Chinese supermarkets often contain many 8s. The shape of the Chinese character for 8 (八) implies that a person will have a great, wide future as the character starts narrow and gets wider toward the bottom. The Chinese government has been auctioning auto license plates containing many 8s for tens of thousands of dollars. The 2008 Beijing Olympics opened on 8/8/08 at 8 p.m.[6]
In addition, 88 is also used to mean "bye bye (拜拜)" in Chinese-language chats, text messages, SMSs and IMs. 88 can be seen as shorthand for 8181, which when pronounced in standard Mandarin is identical to "bye bye".

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

9-11 and 29-11 importance. North Korea launches missile. CERN clock.

                    Here's what greeted me this morning when I logged onto Facebook... 2 + 9 = 11

What is the month?  11th month. Therefore today in numerology could be  > 11-11

Please note the date in the bottom right corner for here in New Zealand  > 29-11

Alright... That gives us 3 x 11 (a very strong message) = 33 (Master Number and well-known in Freemasonry).
We have:
  • Facebook   > 11
  • Month  > 11
  • Day  >  11
See "Angel Numbers" for #3 significance and for #33 significance. These definitions are very limited... There's much more to "3" and "33" than just this. Please feel free to Google for further explanations for these two significant numbers for today.

Also note the number of people in Chat is 257  >  2 + 5 + 7 = 14  >>  1 + 4 = 5  which means "change".

Ok... We are starting to get resonance here...  What else is happening?

See the linked video > Trump is the 45th president.  4 + 5 = 9  which means "conclusions, completions".

Trump appears on this video at 1:50:48 exactly. 1 + 5 + 4 + 8 = 18  >>  1 + 8 = 9 > "conclusions, completions".

The camera goes off Trump at 1:59:48 exactly. This is obviously exactly 9 minutes from when we first start seeing him in the frame. 1 + 5 + 9 + 4 + 8 = 27 >> 2 + 7 = 9 > "conclusions, completions". #QAnon @ #FollowTheWhiteRabbit

>>  No, I didn't make this up. I didn't manipulate it. How could I? All of this "just happened". This happens all the time... See yesterday's post how I comment that we can see these numbers everywhere - we just need to pay attention. It's just that we don't stop to make the calculations and see these hidden signs.  "You can't make this shit up," as Kate of Gaia says. Check these numbers for yourself.

More signs and symbols...

Synchronistically, I watched this video (linked on these images also) just a few days ago by "Anti School" on YouTube. Isaac was discussing the CERN opening ceremony. I've seen this video before of the shocking Satanic symbolism in this opening of "The White Rabbit Project" but i'd never before noticed the clock - Ref: The white rabbit in Alice in Wonderland "I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date", showing the time 9-11.  Is this a co-incidence?  I don't think so!  #Illuminati

Please also note that the CERN processor is called "Alice" !!!

It's all very tricky, tricky "mirror mirror on the wall" inside-out, upside-down Satanist back-to-front symbolism - "Alice through the looking glass."  As #QAnon says, "Their downfall will be their love of symbolism".

Definitely...  All of the breadcrumb trails are so easy to find.  "Clowns In America".


Another synchronicity just occurred, as I was looking for #3 and #33 links on the Angel Numbers website. I think these numbers also inform the above discussion. Check this out...

Facebook Permalink
Here's what this Permalink says: 
OMG !! "Change-Change-Change". Look at what I just saw... 
# 155550520 >> 5 x 5s. Sum total = 28 > 10 or "1" meaning > "new beginning"
# 7, 2011 = 11 > Master number - spiritual guidance
# 257 = 14 = 5 > "change" 
Date is 29 = 11
Month is 11
Year 2017 is 1 > new beginning 
2 + 9 + 1 + 1 + 2 + 1 + 7 = 23 = 5 > "change" again! 
Time is 1+2+1+5 = 9 "endings, completions". ie: you can't have a new beginning until you've come to the end of something.

My observations  > There's been a lot of 9s around recently. Today seems to be the day of change. There are 7 x 5s in this image. 7s are also significant - Angelic and Creator-directed interventions. I do believe this is happening #QAnon #FollowTheWhiteRabbit

Interpretation summary: 
Today, a lot of things are changing in the world to make way for a wonderful new beginning. This is being assisted by the 11:11 energy which also turns up in this reading 3 times. Three is to do with spell-casting, ie: Say it 3 times and it becomes manifest reality.

See more here > @ The Resonance Unity Field Truth Sharing Project

And if you enjoyed seeing these synchronicities, please share this post. Thanks :)


This video just came in #Synchronicity in relation to a #QHoax. As Q says, "It all matters".

By Roy Potter:  Deep State Attacks Q

Monday, 27 November 2017

Example: Repeating 1, 2, 4, 7

Number sequences are everywhere in our modern world... They give us guidance or insight into what is happening in our personal lives or even on a more global scale in that moment in time. Anyone can practice this art simply through being intentionally mindful of the world around them, and the patterns and signs that are being shown... We just need to open our inner and outer eyes so we can see them.

I call these "Magic Numbers".

As you can see from this example below, these "magic numbers" can turn up anywhere - from the speedometer on your car to the price of a lounge suite in a furniture store that catches your eye. Keep quietly looking out for them - dates, times, newspaper headlines, social media Likes or Retweets, car number plates, phone numbers, bus ticket times and shopping receipts... These numbers are everywhere.

Through these numbers Universal Consciousness can communicate with us... With you!  - We just need to learn to watch, listen, and alert our minds to receiving the information. This is one of the ways we can tune into the Source Field Consciousness. Numbers become coded messages. These coded messages are able to be interpreted. Let's learn how to interpret them...

You don't need my help by the way... I'm just holding up the neon arrow and saying, "Go for it". All the information is out there on the internet. This is where i'm learning from also. We are self-discoverers, not feeders off other people. That time has passed.

On this blog, we are all learning how to decipher these numbers. For some people, the numbers might have a slightly different meaning. It will take time to learn and then to connect to your own inner world to decipher the meanings of numbers for yourself, personally.

There are all manner of resources on the internet where we can fine-tune our knowledge. I will be drawing on a range of sources - from the "Angel Numbers" website, to theoretical discussion papers or Journal Articles published by university mathematics scholars (we don't have to read the whole thing), to kabbalah and the number systems of various other religions. There is no stone that cannot be turned over as we search for the truth about the Magic of Numbers and what the Universal Source Field might be trying to say to us in this moment.

I hope you enjoy tagging along in this study with me. Please feel free to post about your own experiences of seeing numbers and your interpretations in comments below. That would be great. Thank you.


#MagicNumbers coming again today  #111 #22 Please also notice additional 1, 2, 4, 7 on this screenshot > 10x1=1111111111, 4x2=2222, 4x4=4444, 3x7=777. All of these have significance such as:

#1 "Primal" > new beginnings x 10 = 1 = ABSOLUTE new beginnings

#2 "Manifestation" > everything is coming about according to the highest good of all x4 = these 2 energy manifestations are happening as a surety, as if on a solid foundation, eg: 4 legs on a table and on chairs, 4 walls to a room, 4 corners of a building (generally), 4 Archangels, 4 directions, 4 seasons, 4 personality types (sanguine, choleric, melancholic, phlegmatic), 4 elements (earth, air, wind, fire), 4 suits of cards, and so on. 4 is a fixed structure. This sign is sure and true.

#4 "Enterprise, Endeavor" > application of one's own will, research, materiality x4 = this also is on a solid foundation, eg: through hard work and personal application/diligence/tenacity, we will find everything we seek

#7 "High Spiritual Activation" > spiritual, angelic, Source (God) influence is coming in strongly and assisting this situation, very much x3 which relates to the Godhead and the characteristics thereof, eg: expansion, creativity > Maiden, Mother, Crone; Father, Son and Holy Spirit; Brahma, Vishnu, Kali =  Source is directing everything.

The following interpretations are from Angel Numbers blog followed by my own interpretations based on the numbers of times the number appeared:

#1 - Angel Number 1 encourages you to look to new beginnings, opportunities and projects with a positive and optimistic attitude as these are appearing in your life for very good reason.

My interpretations for x10. The 10=1 which tells me that 10x1= "The One of Ones", "The Origin" or "The Progenator", meaning: Creator incarnate and infinite, is in this. Find out why the number 1 is not a prime number in the mathematical sense.

Personal: I am currently waiting for my approval to move to another country. With so many #1s appearing (x10) the indications are extremely favorable.

Globally: I am working hard to expose the global pedophile elites who have been running this planet for the last 7,000 years. In this context, the number signs tell me that humanity stands on the cusp of an entirely new consciousness. We stand on the threshold and are about to go through the door. This is profound and significant  >>  x10 meaning, Source #1 or The Progenator (Creator) is in all of this. "All things shall be made new".  #QAnon #FollowTheWhiteRabbit

#2 - Angel Number 2 tells you the answers to your prayers are manifesting for you, although it may not be obvious just yet. It may be a test of your patience, but rest assured that all will come to pass in Divine right time.

My interpretations for 4x. This is an extremely solid foundation... It's an ideation that keeps repeating in nature, as mentioned above, eg: 4 Archangels, 4 directions, 4 seasons. x4 is fixed. It is grounded in hard work and tenacity. It is material.  Angel Number blog says: "4 also encourages you to put proper preparation into your plans and set things in motion with system and order so that you can achieve your goals and aspirations." It's the blueprint, the floor plan, the course set and attained, achievement, success. It can never be taken away. It is proof positive.

Personal: 4 x 2s tells me that my plans already put in place regarding immigrating and moving from my home country are soon to find manifestation, by my new country agreeing to have me. I will find out within the next 10 days. This is the time-frame given since my personal interview with the consulate, 4 weeks ago.

Globally: 4 x 2s tells us that all the hard work we are doing to bring out the truth is going to be soon manifested out to the whole world. We have had "outside" help (Archangels, benevolent interdimensional forces, etc., "Nam Myoho Renge Kyo") which exponentially adds energy according to the efforts that we collectively put in. ie: Work as individuals and our energies contribute to the collective energetic whole.

1's and 2's indicates that your thoughts are like seeds about to sprout. 

Here's the video about the Moon phenomena ...  for your interest.